Triism is an award-winning jazz trio, featuring three of the Sacramento area’s most active musicians — saxophonist Levi Saelua, bassist Alex Reiff and drummer Jim Frink. Through a modern and leaderless approach to the saxophone trio, they have collaboratively built a vast repertoire of original music and creative arrangements. After first getting together to play as a trio in 2015, they have continued to develop a unique group sound by drawing from their individual eclectic musical experiences and interests, which include jazz, rock, Eastern European folk, pop, and improvised music. In 2016, their interpretations of Balkan folk music in a jazz context led them to the Bucharest International Jazz Competition, where they were awarded the Grand Prize — the following year, they returned to Romania to perform at EUROPAfest. Whether performing internationally, or around their home of Northern California, they continue to grow Triism’s fan base through exciting performances of new music.

Contact — triism@outlook.com